Yoga Life Coaching

Jasana was created out of the need to awaken the inner potential and inspire women. I am here to support you in a journey of reconnecting with yourself, integrating and discovering new perspectives or habits.

Thanks to the combination of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, we will look below the surface in order to find a way to live in harmony. in order to find a way to live in harmony. Give yourself a break, turn off stress and internal criticism. TI am creating this safe space for you – so that you can explore your inner world, reconnect with your True Self and cultivate self-love.

Find peace, love and acceptance within yourself. Find motivation and the will to live fully. With Jasana’s help you will get to know yourself in a new quality. You deserve it. Choose yourself. Your time is here and now!






Everyone can practice yoga It doesn’t matter how flexible your body is or how old you are. t is important to stand on the mat and discover yourself. Unite mind and soul. Be present in the moment. Without judging.

Yoga is a never-ending practice of love and gratitude. To each other. To life. To the world.

If you feel ready to start practice in search of mindfulness, concentration and tranquility, lets connect.

life coaching


Wellbeing – a perfect condition! Equanimity. Happiness, joy, a sense of fulfillment. It’s easy to say, harder to do – that’s true. Only those who try succeed.

coaching conversation is a space to search and ask yourself questions about the future. Each change is associated with great concerns – let yourself be safely guided through it.

Your miracle is up to you.

Shall we?


Near and far travels – get to know others and meet yourself. Broaden your horizons, exceed boundaries. Reframe your perspective.

Yoga, meditation, women’s circles, rituals, walks, chats by the fire Spend time actively practicing yoga, relaxing and learning about yogic life.

It is so much more than a vacation!


Let’s make contact.

If you have any questions or would like to cooperate with me – do not wait and e-mail me.

I will reply as soon as possible.