Check out the various options and choose what feels best for you. I offer different types and forms of offline and online classes. Let’s make an appointment individually or organize a group event. You can also buy the lesson in the form of a voucher for someone close to your heart.

The most popular form of classes. On a daily basis, I conduct classes in a yoga studio, teaching various forms of dynamic Vinyasa Yoga and reaching for the tradition of static Hatha. The level of classes is adjusted to the group, so every new participant is welcome. I also organize workshops on a regular basis.


If you feel that you need the full and exclusive attention of a teacher, this form is for you. We meet at your place or in the studio and we work on what you need most. You get support in asanas that are challenging. Thanks to this form, you develop faster. I will also teach you the sequence for self-practice.

Learn the techniques and tools that will increase your efficiency at work. A day started with a yoga practice in the office or a short break allowing you to get away from your desk, helps to maintain a healthy body and mental balance. Yoga also increases concentration! The form and intensity of classes is adjusted to the expectations of the participants.


Can’t meet me live? No worries! Let’s meet online. I use ZOOM for individual classes but I’m flexible to different solutions. Do not let phisical distance stand in the way of your self-development!


The yoga that started it all. A practice embedded in a traditional approach and ritual. Static, slower and precise. It strengthens and opens the body. It helps soothe the senses, builds awareness of the posture and teaches mindfulness. In the classroom, apart from physical practice in asanas, there are elements of mantras, meditation and pranayama.


Modern, dynamic and energetic form of yoga. Often chosen by those who have a problem with „monkey mind” and searching for more active meeting on the mat. During the classes, we focus on the smoothness of body movements and combining it with breathing. The intention of the classes is to clear the mind by being in the present and connecting closely with the body. The classes mobilize and stimulate you to  enter even deeper into relaxation.


A potion for the soul. Relaxation for the body. Classes begin with breathing work or gentle stretching, then enter into deep relaxation during guided meditation lying down. Thanks to practice, it is possible to explore the inner world and what is subconscious. It relieves stress and allows you to find peace within yourself.


Invest on your own development. The form of a workshop combines yoga on and off the mat. Depending on the topic, we conduct research in different contexts. Check out other perspectives.

Relax and regenerate? Mindfulness and concentration training? Meditation and Mindfulness? Or maybe the search for the inner child? Discover your potential.

During a workshop, we always focus on providing reliable knowledge but also on practical processing of all the topics. All this in a friendly, inspiring and non-judgimental atmosphere of group synergy. Sounds like something what you are searching for? I can prepare a workshop that meets the individual needs of your group.


Meditation is a great tool for meeting your True Self. The number of stimuli we are exposed to on daily basis, the constant need for action and the disturbance of cyclicality make it difficult for us to calm down. Therefore, I am preparing guided meditations for you. The recordings are structured so that you can follow the instructions to unite in the body, mind and soul.

Find yourself

Yoga is all about different styles and forms. There are no better or worse.

By listening to your own needs, you can choose what is best for you at the moment.